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Bow & Bay Windows

Servicing North & South Carolina since 1981

Bow and Bay Windows Charlotte NC

Signature’s bay or bow windows add a beautiful, architectural quality to the exterior, as well as interior, of your home. Create a look that’s perfectly suited to your home with countless style combinations.

Our Signature windows are custom designed and manufactured with premium standard features that are ENERGY STAR© qualified and NFRC certified. Our replacement windows utilize a proven design to instantly increase the strength, appearance and energy efficiency of your Charlotte, NC home.

Bay & Bow Window Installation Charlotte

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Bay Vs. Bow Windows

Design Elements

A bay window is comprised of one large window structure and two windows, which are smaller than the main one, placed on both sides of the window. As for bow windows, they have a round appearance because they are curved and comprised of as many openings as the owner wants them to. Our window installation team believes bay windows have a more contemporary design that is featured within modern homes, and bow windows have a classic circular structure that is featured within Victorian homes.

Enjoying the outdoors

Bay and Bow windows are classic designs that are appropriate for locations with a view and a lot of sunshine. Both bay and bow windows offer a protruding style but a bay window is angled while a bow window is slightly curved. One of the biggest differences between bay & bow windows is the overall number of openings of each window. Bay windows usually have three openings, each of which are angled. However, bow windows will have four, five, or even six openings, which allows more of a breeze into your home.

Window PLacement

Since bow windows are usually wider and larger, they can be placed in larger spaces and in more unique ways than bay windows. Bay windows are a great option for a smaller room because they are typically farther away from the flat exterior portion of a home, which creates more space within the interior of the wall. Both windows are a great option for 2nd and above levels because they incorporate stationary picture windows and/or casement or double hung styles for convenient cleaning from the interior of your home.

What is a Bay Window?

  • All head and seatboards are made from 1-1/4″ birch or oak veneer that can be stained for a custom, elegant look and feature vinyl laminated exterior
  • Optional ComforTuff insulation applied to the underside of the seatboard for increased protection and comfort year-round
  • Signature’s exclusive custom fit Z-Cap weld utilizes a unique technology that creates a strong, tight seal
  • Our optional cable support suspension system adds extra support to your window and protects against settling over time.
  • Ultra SeaClear screens with superior strength and durability, increased visibility and light transmittance, improved air flow and maximized insect protection
  • Signature’s MicroShield antimicrobial triple weather stripping maximizes resistance to air and water infiltration, mold, dust, fungi, pollen, and harmful bacteria.
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