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Aluminum Patio Covers Charlotte NC

While relaxing on decks is fun to do during the summer in North and South Carolina, it can be aggravating when your deck is exposed, but you want some shade. Instead of going through the hassle and expensive cost of remodeling your entire patio, you could always invest in aluminum patio cover! 

The underside view of all systems is flat, attractive and is available in stucco or cedar embossed finishes. The metal is coated with a virtually maintenance-free baked enamel finish. Systems are engineered to last. And best of all, most units can be installed in just one day.

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Energy Efficiency With Patio Covers

Looking for ways to cut down on your energy costs? An aluminum patio cover could be your answer! While shading part of your home, and protecting windows from the sun’s harsh rays, it will help keep your home cooler. A patio cover works alongside of your air conditioner, allowing your air conditioner to take breaks more frequently, resulting in lower energy bills.

Sturdy Patio covers Charlotte Nc

Whatever your reason for adding a cover to your home or business, choosing the right construction system is the first step. Wood frame methods can be extremely costly and require high maintenance. Construction can be drawn out and inconvenient. All Seasons Window & Door Co. offers aluminum cvoers in Charlotte NC & the surrounding areas.

Patio Covers Extend Living Space

Space is very important when it comes to the comfort of one’s own home. So an aluminum patio cover is great for increasing the amount of living space, especially outdoors. By providing plenty of shelter, you will be able to build a space that your family can use, no matter what the purpose is.

Importance of Aluminum Patio Covers in Charlotte NC

Placing a patio cover on your home is a definite luxury, and perhaps serves as one of the best ways that you can truly enjoy the great outdoors, and relax in the comfort of your own home. Not only do these aluminum patio covers provide you with loads of protection from the harsh elements, they also serve as a wonderful piece of outdoor relaxation area for your family, friends, and of course, yourself.

There are several instances in which all you want to do is just bask in the summer and spring climate, while sometimes colder climates will make you want to stay inside your house and read a good book. This is the reason why patio covers are highly popular. Aluminum patio covers serve as a wonderful solution for you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. And not only that, they can be easily installed as well.

Metal Patio Cover Installation

Wood vs. Aluminum Patio Covers

One of the major benefits of aluminum patio covers, is they are easy to maintain. They can easily be cleaned with a soft sponge and water. Unlike wooden patio covers, our aluminum patio covers aren’t affected by rain, sunshine, rust, or termites. On the other hand, wood patio covers require yearly maintenance, they slowly deteriorate from outside elements, and you always have the worry of termites. A wood patio cover also has to be repainted every couple of years, which can be very time consuming and difficult. North & South Carolina can both be very humid during the warmer months. Humidity can cause your patio cover to warp, unless it’s an aluminum patio cover! The durability and efficiency our aluminum patio covers offer, will save you money and time in the future.

Customizable Patio Covers in Charlotte NC

Our aluminum patio cover Charlotte NC team allows you to customize and design your perfect outdoor space. Size, colors, and underside views are all designed to your style and budget. Not only are our patio cover systems customizable, but they can even be installed in one day! Aluminums high flexibility also play a big part in bringing out the best of your new patio cover. Protect yourself, your home, and patio furniture from harsh UV rays and outdoor elements with our excellent aluminum patio covers Charlotte NC services. Call today for a quote and get started on your new project (704) 399-4244.