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Metal Awnings

Beautiful, traditional in its appeal and still a very practical solution to an age-old problem: the effects of weather on your home or business.

Awnings Charlotte NC

If you’re unfamiliar with awnings, they are basically structures that are attached to your home and extend outward. This creates a secluded shaded area that’s perfect for placing a picnic table or a few chairs. Once you’re interested in replacing your current awning, or building a new one, you should contact All Seasons Window & Door, Co. We offer a comprehensive customizable design and installation process that focuses on the customer. In other words, you have complete control over what your awning looks like and how it is built. Since our design process is customizable, we offer some of the most unique and innovative awnings in Huntersville NC, Charlotte NC and surrounding areas!

Our door and window awnings will work to reduce the damaging rays of direct sunlight and are available in a variety of styles and colors to complement your exterior. Whether you are looking for residential metal awnings, front door awnings, front porch aluminum awnings, or commercial door awnings, All Seasons has you covered!

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Energy Efficient Metal Awnings

Installing a metal awning over your door or windows will help reduce your energy costs during the warmer months. The awning will shade your windows or doors, which reduces the amount of the sun’s heat and glare that reaches your home. Eco-friendliness is another great benefit of installing an awning. They will work with your ac to kep your home cooler, and reduce the need for your ac to constantly run.

Protection From Awnings In Charlotte NC

An aluminum awning can help protect areas of the outside of your home, and the inside! While covering windows and doors, awnings help protect these from the outdoor elements such as rain, hail, pollen, and more! With the protection from the outdoor elements, cleaning your windows and doors won’t be as hard. A metal awning helps protect the inside of your home from the harmful UV rays. Less worry about your belongings be harmed or even faded in color due to sunlight.

Increasing value with awnings in charlotte nc

Our metal awning Charlotte NC team can help increase your home value and your curb appeal! Just like curtains enhance your windows on the inside, a metal awning can enhance your window from the outside! They add character and style to your home just like shutters do. Awnings increase your home value by adding more outdoor living space. You can enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather is!

Variety of materials for Charlotte NC awnings

Of the awning materials we offer, canvas and metal seem to be the most popular. While canvas awnings have a timeless, traditional appeal, metal awnings provide extra security and durability. Specifically in Charlotte, NC, metal awnings are a great asset because they will remain secure throughout inclement weather, such as hurricanes. Since each of the materials we offer has different features and prices, our employees can help you decide which one is right for you.

Charlotte NC Awnings
Door Aluminum Awning Charlotte NC

Benefits of Metal Awnings Charlotte NC

Metal awnings are a cost-effective way to provide an energy efficient solution & a low maintenance solution to your home. One of the main ways they help with energy efficiency is by shading the doors and windows from the sun’s harmful rays. This prevents those rays from heating up the inside of your home. Metal awnings also keep cool underneath them, which helps with not heating up the inside of your home as quick. The Maintenace of your windows and doors will also be lowered by the protection from your metal awnings. By protecting your window and doors from the dirt and grime that comes from rain, snow, and other outdoor elements, you spend less time cleaning and repairing them.

The #1 Company For Awnings in Charlotte NC

If you are a homeowner who has a home with too much light coming in, and are looking for a solution we at All Seasons can be that answer. Unlike other awning companies in Charlotte NC, we will be able to guide you through our selection and help you choose the best option for your home.